Flickr1024: A Large-Scale Dataset for Stereo Image Super-Resolution

Yingqian WangLongguang Wang  Jungang Yang  Wei An  Yulan Guo

Flickr1024 is a large-scale stereo image dataset which consists of 1024 high-quality image pairs and covers diverse senarios. Details of this dataset can be found in our published paper. Although the Flickr1024 dataset was originally developed for stereo image SR (click here for an overview), it was also used for many other tasks such as reference-based SR, stereo matching, and stereo image denoising.

Sample Images




We would like to thank Sascha Becher and Tom Bentz for the approval of using their cross-eye stereo photographs.


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Our dataset was used by the following works (selected) for various tasks:

Stereo Image Super-Resolution:

Stereo Video Super-Resolution:

Stereo Matching:

Stereo Image Denoising:

Stereo Color Mismatch Correction:

Stereo Color Transfer:

Reference-based Image Super-Resolution:

Single Image Denoising:

Other Tasks:


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